As mentioned in Interview Handbook Part 1: Preparation for the Interview, your goal in the interview process is to help the company decide to extend you an offer.

The day of the interview, and getting the small details correct, is very important – it will control the first impression you make when you arrive.

What to Bring with You:
•    Resume – The resume you take to the interview should be the same resume supplied to the interviewer.
•    References – References should include both former managers and co-workers who can testify to the quality of your work. These references should be the same as the ones you already provided to your recruiter.
•    Samples of Your Work – Bring samples if possible, but be careful!  Do not discuss, or show any proprietary information.
•    Folder & Pen – Be prepared to take notes and to help you remember questions you might want to ask later.
•    Questions – At least 5 educated questions about the company and the position.
•    Recruiter’s Phone Number – So you can give immediate feedback and impressions.

•    No smoking.
•    Fingernails should be neat and clean.
•    Hair should be neat and well groomed, but don’t brush your hair after putting your suit on and use dandruff shampoo if necessary.
•    Avoid big hairdos and excessive hair spray.
•    Avoid heavy aftershaves or perfumes.
•    Suits should be conservative colors, like black, navy, or gray as a general rule.
•    Shirts should fit well and be color coordinated.
•    Women should wear a closed-toe and closed-back shoes, like a traditional pump.
•    Keep jewelry classic and simple.
•    Do NOT dress casual, even if the working environment will be.  Always wear well fitting, conservative business attire.

Getting to the Interview:
•    If possible, drive to the interview location in advance.
•    Familiarize yourself with the area so you will know where to park, what entrance to go to etc.
•    Allow enough time so that traffic and parking issues won’t make you late.
•    Arrive exactly 10 minutes prior to the interview.  If you arrive early, sit in your car.  DO NOT arrive late.

Next, review part three of the Interview Handbook, the interview process, which includes questions that will be asked.

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