During the fall of 2014, JDC Group’s Business Development Manager Melanie Bashir completed the “Careers in Action Leadership Foundations” program offered by Women in Technology (WIT).

This six-month course is an intensive leadership development course specifically designed for women like Bashir – performers with exceptionally high potential. The course gives these women the tools they need to take their leadership skills to the next level in order to meet and exceed their company’s objectives.

The program is directly related to the technology field; participants are all peers at the same point in their careers. In addition to offering powerful skills for improved leadership, the program allowed Bashir to network with other women in the technology field and build lasting, positive relationships with peers outside of her workplace.  “Learning from women executives in C-level roles was an honor and a privilege,” Bashir said about the guest speakers for the program.

WIT programs are especially important in today’s world because they encourage female leadership in a historically male-driven industry. JDC Group understands the value women bring to technology and encourages its female employees, like Bashir, to pursue their leadership goals within the field.

“[The Careers in Action Leadership Foundations program] made me feel like I could take on the world,” said Melanie Bashir, “I felt encouraged and empowered after every class.” She added that having the direct support of Johannes Dorsch, President of JDC Group, made her feel incredibly valued as both employee and individual.

JDC Group became a WIT Strategic Alliance Partner in 2014. Strategic Alliance Partners have a unique opportunity to participate in WIT Signature Events, training and development programs, and volunteer events which directly reflect the company’s individual goals.

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