Colleges are the perfect place to recruit new talent, especially if you are looking for candidates who are excited to learn and mold themselves to your enterprise’s needs. College recruitment programs are an ideal investment, as they offer you access to great candidates as they begin their first steps into the work force.

Get Great Candidates Before Your Competition

College recruiting programs focus on recent graduates who have just entered the job market and students who will graduate and enter the job market soon. These candidates are hungry and excited for work, and they bring companies high levels of motivation, energy, and inspiration. They are bursting with ideas, and they have the up-to-date knowledge of technology and the latest industry trends to back up those ideas.

Recent graduates offer more than idealism and vitality: they are also much more willing to relocate for a position, and they are more willing to accept reasonable salaries and benefits packages. They often are not burdened with many of the concerns that older candidates have, so they can be much more flexible about the terms of their employment.

Build Relationships

While you may hire several candidates thanks to your participation in college recruiting programs, your strategy should also include opportunities to build relationships with departments and organizations on campus. Having a lasting relationship with student groups, the alumni association, specific professors and their departments, and the university as a whole can benefit your organization well into the future. These groups and individuals will remember your company and recommend talented candidates to you as they come through the university or as they become available post-graduation. They can also help to keep you more in tune with the future of your industry.

Even if you aren’t actively hiring, the relationships you build while on campus can help you to contact great candidates when you resume hiring. Spend time meeting with qualified candidates before you are ready to hire so that you will have a pipeline of candidates to call when you need to hire.

An Opportunity to Promote Your Brand

Being on campus gives you the opportunity to promote your brand, not only to potential candidates, but also to potential business prospects, customers, and even investors. Use your presence to showcase your leadership, your products, and your overall company culture. Have your marketing department play an active role in promoting each event you attend to show that you are looking to hire cutting-edge candidates.

There are a Variety of College Recruiting Programs

Remember that there are a variety of different options when it comes to college recruiting programs. Some colleges offer options for companies to attend job fairs, host on-campus interviews, or arrange phone interviews and on-site interviews. You may also be able to partner with a college to offer internships for college credit, especially since many colleges now require internships or other work experience for students to graduate.

Invest Wisely

Before you jump in head first, remember that you want to invest only in college recruiting programs that benefit your enterprise. You will find that some colleges will offer candidates who are more to your standards than others, and you want to invest your time in those colleges instead of spreading yourself to every college in your area.

You will also need to have a well-developed strategy for the events you attend and the meetings you arrange on campus. Take time before you start your program to determine what sort of candidates are worth investing time in for this semester, who your best brand ambassadors are, and who should conduct further interviews with candidates. Your best brand ambassadors may be younger employees who also went to that college, but you may also find that it’s best to send your most passionate employees from the department you hope to hire for.

Be aware that competition for great candidates is fierce within college recruiting programs. You will need to be able to differentiate candidates to have a successful program, and you will also need to be able to differentiate your company from the competition to draw in the best talent.

If you are looking to invest in a college recruitment program, let our business development team guide you through the process. We can help you make the most of your investment.

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