Candidates are often faced with a job offer negotiation that is both exciting and stressful. When you are faced with a difficult job offer negotiation, remember these three tips from our recruiters to assure negotiating becomes a win-win situation.

  1. Focus on the entire package

When some people walk into a job offer negotiation, all they hope to receive is a good salary. However, these negotiation sessions cover much more than just the job and salary. They also cover how many hours you are expected to work, whether you will be expected to travel in the position, which location or locations you work from, available sick and vacation leave, and other benefits you may consider. Instead of focusing exclusively on money, we encourage focus on the package as a whole. By focusing on the entire package, you have more leverage than you would if you focused merely on salary.

  1. Do your research

As with any step in the job search, do your research before accepting an offer. Candidates often are unaware of the current market value of their skills, and this can lead to them grossly under- or overestimating their worth. This, in turn, can lead to a negotiation that the client sees as unreasonable. Sites like and can help you have a better understanding of your value in the local market.

  1. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you

It can be hard to keep your emotions level when in the middle of a job offer negotiation. After all, there’s a lot on the line. Still, you need to approach the negotiation with your logical side. It’s more than okay to be excited about a job offer, but be professional about accepting. On the opposite side of the spectrum, remember that expressing negative emotions will affect your negotiation and ultimately reflect poorly on you.

With these three tips, you will be able to effectively negotiate your next opportunity through a recruiting firm. If you are in the market for a new opportunity, we encourage you to talk with one of our JDC Group recruiters today.

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