Joining an organization can be challenging. After accepting an offer at a new company, you need to integrate yourself into the team and learn the company culture. You may get some idea of the company’s culture during your initial tour and interview, but don’t rest on those laurels—there is much more to “fitting in” than that. This blog post walks you through the top ways to integrate yourself within a new organization.

Do Your Research

Before your first day, research the company. Use resources like to learn the company’s culture from past and present employees. Review press releases and news articles to learn the history of the company. These will largely focus on the company’s successes, but you may also learn about its missteps and how it handled them.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

Thanks to resources like LinkedIn, you can reach out to future coworkers well before your first day. Introduce yourself as a new team member, let your contacts know your planned start date, and see if they would meet for lunch, coffee, or a drink close to your first week. Use open communication channels, virtual or in-person, to ask questions you have about company culture, expectations, and best practices.

Remember: you cannot ask too many questions when you start at a new company. The more you ask, the more you know. If you are concerned about bothering your coworkers, try using Google to learn how to use tools or answer basic “common knowledge” questions and reserve company-specific questions for your coworkers.

Start off Strong

On your first day and in the weeks that follow, bring your A-game to work. It may seem obvious to say that, but you need to deliver a solid performance in addition to your winning personality to “fit in.” However, don’t try to hit the ground running. Instead, slow down to go fast. Learn the processes and best practices the company follows, then follow them accordingly so your work shows at its best.

Build strong professional and personal relationships to create trust between yourself and other employees. There will be a lot of work to do when you start, but take extra steps to ensure you do not isolate yourself when you begin. Ask coworkers to join you for lunch, be friendly on your breaks, and don’t hesitate to ask for help or information when you need it.

The best way to integrate yourself within a company is a simple three step process: know the company, know the employees, and know your goals. With this knowledge, you will be well equipped to fit in and succeed.

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