The secret to having the most productive company in town isn’t high pay or great benefits—it’s rewarding employees with recognition for their work. Employee recognition takes limited effort, and the return is substantial. Employees who feel their accomplishments are recognized in the workplace are more productive, have higher morale, and burnout less often than employees who do not.

This post will offers tips for improving your employee recognition system to have an efficient workforce.

Recognition Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Recognition takes many forms. A simple “thank you” or “good job” is perfect for simple achievements. Bonuses, awards, a flexible work schedule, or additional paid time off can be offered for greater accomplishments. Consistently performing well can be rewarded with a raise and/or promotion. Get creative with your reward system—the more opportunities you give your employees to earn rewards, the more motivated, happy, and productive they will be.

Take Time to Acknowledge Everyone

Some employees will be top performers; others will not. To motivate everyone, make an effort to acknowledge every single person on your team, not just the star players. Take time in weekly or monthly meetings to discuss the best things each employee has done. If you struggle to find something noteworthy about an employee, sit and ask them what they are proud of having accomplished. (If you consistently struggle with this, the employee may need additional training or managerial support to perform well.)

Shared acknowledgement also provides a much-needed morale boost. Office-wide bonuses at the end of each quarter or year are great, but so are individual birthday celebrations.

What Works Best for Each Employee?

Different employees inevitably have different views on what forms of recognition are most important for them. Working parents may want afternoons off with their kids more than a bonus, the coffee fiend may relish a yearly coffees of the world subscription, the diabetic may want to go out to lunch instead of having cake for their birthday, or the world traveler may want more vacation time. You further boost morale by learning what rewards employees like best and customizing the reward to the person. This small effort makes each employee feel like they are an integral part of the team, which in turn pushes them to work harder for the company.

Make Rewards a Priority

Every business has countless priorities it must balance to run efficiently, and employee recognition is often not at the top of those priorities. Management needs to make it a priority every day to acknowledge employees’ efforts and reward success. An easy way to encourage management to make rewards a priority is to implement an employee recognition program.

Encourage Employees to Recognize Their Coworkers

While it is crucial that management provide recognition and rewards to employees, they do not have to be the only ones providing your employees with recognition. Encourage all employees to acknowledge teammates and other coworkers for a job well done.

As you design and implement your employee recognition program, remember that employee recognition should be an ongoing process. From a mere thanks to a promotion, employee recognition is crucial to your business’s success.

If you want to learn more about employee recognition programs or implement your own, make an appointment with one of our business development managers today.

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