Qualifications are only one part of what makes a candidate the right hire. Another is whether they will be a good cultural fit with the team. Creating an effective team environment is crucial to the success of your enterprise.

Candidates can be taught skills they need to succeed in the workplace, but they cannot be taught attitudes they need to work with your team. There are several ways to learn if a candidate is a good cultural fit. For example, DISC assessments offer a better understanding of a candidate’s personality before hiring, but before using them, try asking these three questions for clues as to how a candidate fits in your organization.

“Describe your perfect work environment.”

This question tells you a few things: external factors a candidate needs to be their most productive, how they see themselves fitting in, and whether or not they are a team player. Hiring managers need to be careful about this question, though, as many candidates try to match their answer to the work environment you have instead of giving an honest answer. Be prepared to follow up on responses that seem too close to your existing environment. In particular, candidates may need prompting on the role coworkers play within their ideal environment. Listen closely to the words they use; “we” is a strong indicator of a team-player mentality.

“Describe the traits of a perfect boss.”

Learning what a candidate looks for in the perfect boss helps you understand the candidate’s preferred management style and whether they will be a good fit with the managers they would work for. Remember that all managers have different management styles, and those styles may not fit with the candidate’s preferred way of being managed. If you let the candidate ramble a bit on this topic, you gain insight into how the candidate views management in general.

“What are you passionate about?”

This question is commonly asked in interviews, but is a good final check to determine whether the candidate fits well into your existing team. Employees passionate about their careers and goals will be able to answer easily, and their passions will be in line with the duties of the position they interview for. Candidates passionate about their industry feel more strongly aligned with the core values and principles of your organization, and are more invested in helping your team succeed.

Remember, cultural fit is important to candidates as well as employers. Websites like offer candidates a solid insight into the cultural environment businesses offer, and many candidates prioritize corporate culture when they look for jobs. It is crucial for your business to have a welcoming culture that still permits employees to do their best work.

Developing a company culture that candidates want to join requires delicate balances between individual productivity, collaboration, and fun. If you look to improve your corporate culture, make an appointment with one of our business development managers today.

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