Decision makers question whether community involvement is worth pursuing. Having employees spend their time volunteering reduces the time spent on productive work, which leads to decreasing production. However, businesses only win when they take time to give back to their communities.

JDC Group is fully committed to community involvement – it’s in our DNA. Our internal value statement declares, “JDC Group will be a highly productive, quality-oriented, and service-minded team focused on company, community, and professional growth,” and we live up to those values by regularly hosting employee volunteer days with local charitable organizations. One of our most recent volunteer days focused on helping the children and families being hosted by Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities.

JDC Group sees benefits from community involvement in many ways, and we want to help your enterprise receive similar benefits by encouraging your own community involvement.

Create a Better Place to Live and Work

The most basic reason for your organization to become involved is the same reason why individuals choose to volunteer: desire to improve your community. By volunteering with charities, you further their goals of creating a better community in which to live and work. From a business perspective, these improvements make your community more desirable to a wider range of talent, which will, in turn, improve your business.

Create Positive Awareness and Connections

When you show up to volunteer with a charitable organization, you create a unique opportunity to network, raise brand awareness, and build a positive reputation. You increase the community’s awareness of your brand by simply making yourselves known to new contacts. You may also meet influential people through the charitable organization itself, some of whom may be interested in working with you or pursuing investment opportunities with your business. You create new leads through making contact with other businesses, which can grow your business.

Great PR

Even after you have finished your volunteer session, your enterprise benefits from the positive PR that volunteering provides. Promote your involvement to further increase the positive impressions the community has of your business and extend your business’s reach.

Offer Employees Incentives

Employees generally enjoy volunteering for a good cause, but they may not choose to pursue volunteer opportunities on their own. To guarantee your employees will be enthusiastically involved with their community, offer solid incentives. Paid volunteer hours are one particularly strong incentive. You can offer paid volunteer hours in different ways, from having employees attend scheduled volunteer sessions during working hours to offering additional pay for every hour they volunteer outside of work.

Another great incentive is to encourage employees to volunteer for causes they are passionate about. If you are having your employees volunteer en masse, consider allowing them to submit the names of local charities they would like to volunteer with and have a vote or a drawing for which receives volunteer time.

Ultimately, community involvement shows that your company cares about your employees and the areas they live in. This raises morale and productivity among employees and raises your business’s esteem in the eyes of the community. If you want guidance on how to get involved in your community, make an appointment with one of our JDC Group business development specialists today .

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