It is traditional to offer coworkers and clients gifts around the holiday season as a show of appreciation for contributions to your business over the course of the year. Gifts can be as simple as a holiday card or as complex as you desire; the important thing is to show gratitude and ongoing interest in maintaining or improving the recipient’s relationship with your business.

Be Mindful of Costs

Receiving a gift that is too expensive can be awkward for the recipient. Keep gifts reasonably priced, and similar in price if buying for a team. When buying a gift for your manager, pool funds with coworkers to purchase a gift from the team instead of creating competition for who can buy the “best” gift.

Include Everyone

The worst possible thing you can do is buy gifts for everyone on a team except for one individual. Determine who you want to purchase gifts for and double check to make sure you have not set yourself up for awkwardness by forgetting someone. If buying less-personal gifts, consider getting an extra gift or two to hand out as a back-up.

Show Respect

Always be aware that the individual or group you give gifts to may not share the same religious or cultural beliefs. A suitable option for giving to those who don’t celebrate Christmas is offering gifts when a milestone is reached at the end of the year or as thanks for business success throughout the year.

Personal Is Preferable

When choosing gifts, remember the more personalized a gift, the better it is received. People feel more appreciated when gifts are personalized instead of generic. Carefully consider personal likes and dislikes. If unsure, ask rather than assume.

Presentation Matters

Create nice exterior presentation for the gift. The more presentable the gift looks, the more the individual receiving it appreciates the time and effort put into crafting it. Nice presentation is not difficult; a gift bag with tissue paper and a bow is easy to create and always festive.

When thinking about your presentation, consider when you will be giving the gift. Do not give gifts during business discussions, as this may lead the recipient to consider it bribery instead of appreciation. Any time from November to early January is acceptable for an end of the year gift, so allow yourself a cushion between giving the gift and any important negotiations.

Gifts are important reminders that you value a client or coworker’s contributions to your business, and the holiday season is the ideal time to give them. Be sure your gifts are thoughtful, inclusive, respectful, and presented with care for the best results. JDC Group wishes all of our clients and consultants a happy holiday season and a success-filled new year!

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