While onboarding a new employee, it is crucial to continue making respectable first impressions. You acquire the greatest results from new employees if they feel comfortable at the workplace when they begin their new job, and you get the best results out of your team when you work with them to bring their new team member into the fold.

Onboarding is a Team Effort

Successful onboarding takes the efforts of multiple departments within your organization. Typically, the human resources department handles coordinating and scheduling, while management handles training and mentoring. To succeed at onboarding, all parties involved must work cohesively and communicate effectively.

Set Employees up for Success

Have everything your employee needs ready and available before they arrive on their first day. This includes items such as account information, desk materials, and company documents. After that, prepare an agenda for the employee’s first few weeks so they transition and acclimate easily.

Take Time for Introductions

Within the first few days of having a new employee on board, they should engage with members of the team. Introduce the employee to all members of their team and go through several team-building activities to help create relationships between team members and the new employee.

Don’t Rush

The onboarding process should never be rushed. Take things at a reasonable pace instead of throwing the employee in the deep end and hoping they succeed. Have another team member act as a mentor for the first few weeks. This person should be available to answer questions, guide through tasks, and help them fully integrate with the team.

Getting your new employee up to speed takes time, but it assures them they will be supported within your company and have all the tools they need to be successful. Once they are up to speed, you will have more opportunities to further train them and encourage growth.

Think of onboarding as an ongoing process that lasts several months. Evaluate the employee after certain milestones, and offer them what support they need to succeed. For more tips and strategies related to onboarding, reach out to one of JDC Group’s business development specialists today.

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