For many modern jobs, it is possible to perform your job from a remote location, like your home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. The information technology industry has led the charge on this popular trend, creating jobs that allow for part- or full-time remote work. While the idea of working remotely may seem enticing, the reality can be difficult for individuals to manage. Self-discipline is crucial for staying productive while working remotely.

Create a Workable Schedule

Your success as a remote employee will rely entirely on your ability to create and maintain a personal work schedule. Start by having your remote schedule mirror the same hours your company works. Take a lunch when you did in-office, schedule meetings at similar times, and turn off work when you would normally leave. Remember, the flexibility of remote work’s timing is many a remote employee’s downfall—if you put things off, you may find yourself working all hours just to keep up.

Reduce Distractions

When you don’t have your boss looking over your shoulder, it can sometimes be all too easy to become distracted and unproductive. Limiting distractions should be one of your top priorities. Create a personal office space without a television or other distractions. Let friends and family know your schedule is not to be interrupted except for in an emergency situation. If necessary, use website blockers to keep yourself off of social media or other distracting websites during certain periods of the day.

Be Inflexible About Interruptions

Some people (including you!) may assume that because you are not going into an office every day, you have more flexibility with your life. Don’t let that mindset take hold. From the start, be firm that you cannot run errands or pursue other interruptions during work hours. If you have a regular interruption you want in your schedule, such as picking up your children or a regular afternoon coffee run, be sure to schedule it. Likewise, if you haven’t scheduled a nap, don’t allow yourself to doze off. Make every effort to stick firmly to your preset schedule.

Take Advantage of Co-working Spaces

If you find yourself getting distracted or being called away from your job when you are working from home, consider using a co-working space. As remote work becomes more popular, co-working spaces are springing up in cities across the country. These spaces are inexpensive to rent and can provide you with the “going to the office” structure you may require.

Proving You Can Work Remotely

As a candidate, you may need to prove to hiring managers that you will be able to perform your duties regardless of location. The best things you can do to prove yourself are communicate effectively and deliver results. Self-starters with good time management skills and strong self-discipline make for the best remote employees. If your skills in any of these areas are lacking, work hard to improve them before you seek remote work.

Working remotely can be rewarding, but it is not always ideal for everyone. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine whether you think you will be able to perform at your best from a remote location. If you’re up to the task and looking for an opportunity that provides remote working options, check out our job board or make an appointment to talk to a JDC Group recruiter today.

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