Hiring managers make tough decisions every time they hire a candidate. You must do all you can to find the right candidate for the position, as it can determine the success of the team and your organization. Even with proper time and resources devoted to this task, you might choose the wrong candidate, wasting time, money, and negatively impacting other members of the team.

There are several reasons why you might hire the wrong candidate. Knowing these helps you be more cautious in hiring and to make better decisions.

Unique Skill Set

One of the common reasons hiring managers hire wrong candidates is need for a unique skill set. Some candidates have your entire wish list for unique skills, but if they lack the other necessary skills, they will perform poorly. When determining skills needed for a position, consider which are inherent versus which can be learned. If a candidate does not have the inherent skills necessary, they will not be the right person for the job. Depending on the uniqueness of the position, you may benefit from training candidates in learn-able skills.

Time Crunch

Business moves at light speed, and there are occasions where you must hire quickly to fill a role. The added stress of a tight timeline can negatively affect your decision-making skills. Be aware of this and safeguard against it by following your best practices for hiring as closely as possible within the time frame.

Referred Family or Friends

Employee referrals of friends or family are a way companies find exceptional talent, but always screen these candidates the same as you would any other candidate. Relationships outside of work should not play any role in hiring decisions.

Trust Your Gut

When you meet a candidate, you will have a gut feeling about whether they will fit in well with your organization. Candidates may seem perfect on paper, but that is no match for your instincts. If you do not feel confident in the candidate, don’t hire them. Only hire when you feel confident in your decision so there will be no second-guessing.

Hiring mistakes can happen, but being aware of the reasons you might hire the wrong candidate help improve your hiring process and ultimately make better decisions. To further improve your odds of making the right hire, make an appointment with one of JDC Group’s business development managers today.

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