When deciding which job offer you will accept, consider the size of the company and how its size affects your career and personal goals. Small and large companies both have benefits as well as downsides. In this post, we discuss the benefits of working with a smaller company.

Employee Skills Become More Diverse

Smaller companies have fewer employees, which typically leads to employees performing multiple roles and interacting with multiple departments. These diverse roles encourage employees to expand their skill sets and discover hidden strengths.

Project Variety

Just as you are likely to “wear multiple hats” in your day-to-day roles, you will also work on multiple projects at a time. Having several projects and deliverables offers you the chance to strengthen your skills without hitting as many productivity roadblocks.

Corporate Culture

Smaller companies tend to offer more “quality of life” benefits than larger companies. These can include flexible work schedules, working remotely, and flexibility around family and health issues. Corporate culture is also typically more relaxed and personal within smaller companies.

Stronger Relationships

When you only have a small group of people you work with on any given day, your relationships strengthen. Expect more face-to-face interaction and individual attention from coworkers in a smaller company than at a larger company.

Stronger Ties to Management

At a smaller company, employees cultivate stronger relationships with management. Your manager will be able to work closely with you to learn what management style you best respond to. You are also closer to senior management. These stronger ties make it easier to express successes, frustrations, and ideas.

Amplified Personal Impact

Your personal impact amplifies when you work for a smaller company. Your individual productivity is more critical for everyday success, and your contributions are more valuable to your team and management. Your ideas are more likely to be heard, and you more strongly impact how the company operates.

Smaller companies are ideal for self-starters who are motivated by success, can multi-task, and are excited by the possibility of expanding their skill sets. If working with a smaller company sounds like the ideal opportunity for you, check out our job board today.

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