When searching for a new opportunity, a great recruiter on your side gives you a promising advantage over other candidates. But how can you know you’ve found the right recruiter? As you begin working with a recruiter to find a new opportunity, here are a few qualities to look for.

A Proven Track Record
A good place to start is knowing the recruiter has a proven track record for placing similar candidates into good opportunities at successful companies. Ask network connections who love their job if they used a recruiter to find the position, but also search for reputable recruiters and recruitment firms known for work in your chosen field.

Insight into Clients
Great recruiters know their clients and are happy to provide insights into each client’s work environment, company culture, and personalities of hiring managers. They will also offer specific tips for how to get the most out of your interview process.

Full Understanding of Opportunities
In addition to knowing their clients well, the perfect recruiter has an in-depth understanding of the opportunities they send your way, including the day-to-day responsibilities of the position, how your skills match the position, what you can expect in terms of career advancement, and so forth.

Solid Communication Skills
Great recruiters are effective communicators. They deliver on what they say they will do, such as scheduling calls, providing feedback, attending face-to-face meetings, and following up when necessary. They reach out whenever there is an opportunity that seems like a good fit and encourage you throughout the process.

Working with a Reputable Firm
The best recruiters typically work as a part of a recruitment firm with a trustworthy reputation. Look for companies with an exemplary history of working with candidates in your field and you will typically find the top recruiters in your field. Before you begin working, your recruiter will fully explain the benefits of working with their company in addition to the benefits of working with them specifically.

A Lasting Connection
Finally, the perfect recruiter will work to create a lasting connection with you. They will get to know you as a candidate, but they also endeavor to remain a part of your network after you find the right opportunity. They will continue to reach out periodically throughout your new placement and into the future so that you will know they are there if or when you want to seek something different.

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