Whenever you interview candidates, remember that it’s a two-way street. You learn about and assess the candidates, and they do the same for you and your company. Making a positive impression on a candidate during an interview may make the difference when they have a decision between multiple job offers.

Before the interview takes place, communicate with the candidate any information they need. This includes information such as suggesting a recommended dress code, explaining what they should bring, who they are meeting with, any parking or transportation details, and who to ask for upon arrival.

Create a Welcoming Environment
Interviews can be stressful situations for candidates. Help them feel more comfortable by creating a welcoming and relaxing environment. Offer coffee, water, or tea before getting started with the interview. Ensure that the chair they will be in is comfortable, the room quiet, and the temperature reasonable.

Do Your Research
Your candidate will spend time before your interview preparing and doing research. Do the same. Learn what you can about the candidate’s background, review their resume, and create a list of questions specific to them in addition to your standard questions.

Listening is the most important thing you can do as an interviewer trying to make a positive impression. Let the candidate talk twice as much as you do and pay attention to their answers. Build the conversation from their responses in addition to the questions you already have. Good listening skills help you discover if they are the best fit for the position, experience-wise and culturally.

Finish on a Positive Note
End the interview on a positive note. Ask if the candidate has any questions for you and answer them. Inform them what the next steps in the interview process will be and when they can expect to hear from you. Treat the candidate with respect whether you know they are a good fit or not. With these helpful tips, you will put a lasting impression on the candidate leaving them excited about the opportunity and company.

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