As an IT professional, it is always important to consider the location of your next career opportunity, as it plays a role in how much you earn, what technologies you use, and what opportunities you have to advance in your career. There is no better place to launch your IT career than Atlanta, which has encouraged its reputation as the “Silicon Valley of the South.”

A Leader in Tech
Atlanta is a leader in industries such as Digital Media, FinTech, Healthcare IT, and Information Security. In fact, Forbes Magazine recently named Atlanta one of its top 5 U.S. cities poised to become tomorrow’s tech meccas.

A Fortune Thanks to Fortune 500
The city is home to several companies on the Fortune 1000 and 500—in fact, it has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in America. This high density of powerful companies has its benefits when combined with Southern hospitality: The two come together to create an excellent venture capital market, which in turn creates a healthy environment for entrepreneurs and startups.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit
The startup community flourishes with the aforementioned availability of startup funds and the support of incubators such as Atlanta Tech Village, Switchyards, and Atlanta Tech Park. Today’s up-and-coming startups become tomorrow’s MailChimp—an Atlanta native.

Strong Job Market
Glassdoor named Atlanta one of the 25 best cities for jobs overall, and the IT sector is even more impressive. During the first half of 2018, Atlanta has been on track to be the second-most-active hiring market in the US for IT. Job growth in Atlanta has risen over the last several years, resulting in increased demand for talent, particularly in IT.

More Bang for Your Buck
The cost of living in the state capital of Georgia is significantly lower compared to other top cities, and the average annual salary is higher than the national average. Given the impossibly inflated cost of living in hubs like San Francisco and New York, Atlanta’s real estate market is a welcome relief. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting less than you would in those locales—Atlanta is a world-class city with arts, culture, and food that rivals anything you can find elsewhere. It is also home to the busiest airport in the world, which means travel is easy and less expensive.

A Hub of Diversity
Atlanta is a thriving center for diversity. Having long been known as “the city too busy to hate,” Atlanta proves this time and again. You will flourish regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious belief. Whoever you are, you’ll find open and welcoming arms. Remember: y’all means you all.

Overall a Great Place to Live
Atlanta is a wonderful city to live in with a wide variety of neighborhoods to suit every sort of preference and taste. The warm weather gives locals warm hearts, and you’ll find a smile waiting for you wherever you turn. Even so, the city is constantly improving. With construction initiatives including new fast pass lanes and a revamping of the local public transit, Atlanta looks to improve its only drawback, the traffic.

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