In the fast-paced technology industry, it can be difficult for employees to keep up-to-date on their skills. Every hour of time is crucial to the success of your business, so it’s difficult to carve out even one to learn and improve. However, there is an easy solution to this issue: a Lunch and Learn.

What is a Lunch and Learn?
A Lunch and Learn is an informal meeting that happens over lunch, where employees undergo training on skills, industry knowledge, professional development, life skills, or anything else that would benefit the team. The company can provide a catered lunch, or team members can bring their own.

No-Stress Learning
Lunch and Learn sessions provide important training time without taking away from your team’s standard workday. They provide an open, relaxed, and collaborative learning environment that encourages solid work culture. They also ensure employees understand how important continuous education is to your enterprise.

Great for Team-Building
Lunch and Learn sessions are excellent for team building and encouraging relationships across department or team lines. If there are team members who work remotely, Lunch and Learn sessions offer a time for them to come together with other team members in a less-formal setting where they can communicate and collaborate face-to-face, which in turn strengthens their relationship.

Be Mindful for Success
The benefits of Lunch and Learn sessions are overwhelming; however, there are a few things you must be aware of to ensure that the sessions are successful. First, make sure these sessions do not run over the scheduled time—if you schedule one hour for Lunch and Learn, stick to it. Hold the session in a noise-free conference room to avoid disturbing other employees who are not participating. Remember these sessions are more light-hearted and casual, so keep this in mind when planning a topic to ensure the attention and attendance of team members.

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