Refer a Friend

JDC Group has maintained consistent, profitable growth over the last ten years, and we are continuously searching for top talent. JDC Group has a strategic focus on referred candidates, and research shows that referred candidates are key to the success of any organization. If you know an experienced, high-performing technology professional eager to work for a thriving company, let us know. If your referral meets our bonus requirements, we’ll reward you with $500!

Please see the following criteria before submitting a referral:

  • The referred candidate cannot be a current or former employee of JDC Group (however, candidates who are already in the JDC Group database, but have not been in contact with, or been contacted by JDC Group within a six-month period prior to the referral are eligible for the program).
  • Referred candidates must be placed on an assignment by JDC Group within six months of the date of referral to qualify for the program. (In addition, the referrer must agree not to recruit the referred candidate while the candidate is on any assignment with JDC Group).
  • Bonuses for eligible candidates placed in a full-time/direct-hire capacity will be paid after the guarantee period has expired and invoices have been paid. Bonuses for candidates placed on a consulting/contract basis will be paid after the consultant has worked a total of 500 hours for JDC Group.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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