JDC Group is one of North America’s fastest growing SAP Consulting and Advisory Services providers.

  • Our resources understand SAP. Our team at JDC Group is comprised of former SAP employees with experience in program delivery, architecture, business process strategy, quality assurance, and risk mitigation. We understand the SAP culture, their products, best practices, and key resources. This puts us in a unique position to represent our customers, to simplify the implementation process, and reduce implementation risk.
  • Strong management oversight. Our executive management team has over 105 years of expertise in implementing and managing large, complex ERP projects.
  • Collaboration leads to success. JDC Group will work directly with you to build the right plan. A Successful partnership and plan will drive your success!
  • Lean, efficient, and cost competitive. Our philosophy is to provide a lean, experienced team who are highly proficient in their respective business or technical areas at competitive pricing models.
  • Your success is our success. JDC Group’s model is to successfully deliver a project that achieves the identified business and financial benefits.

Our SAP Consulting and Advisory Solutions are helping global enterprises drive their top strategic initiatives. Learn more about JDC Group’s solutions:

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