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Outstanding employer-employee relationship. The management is very friendly and helpful. This company truly values its employees.

JDC Group Consultant, 6 months

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  • Structuring IT Contracting Jobs on Your Resume

    IT professionals are some of the most sought-after candidates in today’s market. As such, it’s not unusual for them to have a background that includes some contracting work. When pursuing a full-time opportunity after serving in contracting roles for an extended period, there are a few smart ways to structure your contracting experience on your …Read More »
  • Creating Positive Impressions When Interviewing Candidates

    Whenever you interview candidates, remember that it’s a two-way street. You learn about and assess the candidates, and they do the same for you and your company. Making a positive impression on a candidate during an interview may make the difference when they have a decision between multiple job offers. Communicate Before the interview takes …Read More »
  • Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Recruiter

    When searching for a new opportunity, a great recruiter on your side gives you a promising advantage over other candidates. But how can you know you’ve found the right recruiter? As you begin working with a recruiter to find a new opportunity, here are a few qualities to look for. A Proven Track Record A …Read More »

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