We offer SAP consulting and IT talent resources across a wide range of industries.

With extensive experience across many industries, JDC Group brings significant industry expertise to your SAP Projects. We have served customers across the various “verticals” and have worked with SAP’s industry Best Practices and SAP’s Industry Business Unit (IBU) teams. The combination of industry experience, SAP knowledge, and consulting skills differentiate JDC Group consultants and make our resources some of the most productive resources available to meet your requirements.

Industries We Support

JDC Group is helping clients in these focused industries transform their SAP investments to drive operational and financial performance: 

SAP Consulting For Agriculture Companies

Agribusiness is increasingly leveraging SAP to manage some of the toughest challenges in the food industry. Food safety, tampering and supply chain constraints have increased the need to know exactly where any particular product is from farm to table.

As specialized SAP consultants, our advice, support, and expertise include:

  • SAP Implementation Consultants for Agriculture Companies 
  • SAP Migration for Agriculture 
  • IT Staff Augmentation Services for Agriculture Companies


SAP Consulting for Life Sciences Companies

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are increasingly expected to shorten their time to market without sacrifice quality or safety. Products are becoming more innovative and more specialized, requiring even better data control to meet internal objectives while complying with FDA and other regulations.

Our SAP and IT advice, support and expertise for life sciences include:

  • SAP implementation consultants for life sciences companies
  • SAP migration for life science 
  • IT staff augmentation for life sciences companies

SAP Consulting for the Automotive Industry

Global supply chain shortages are having a significant impact on the automotive industry. It takes planning, innovation, and execution to prevent disruption and the inability to deliver as promised. JDC Group offers processes and expertise to keep organizations productive, deliver on time, and make end-users happy.

 Our end-to-end supply chain solutions for the automotive industry include:

  • SAP implementation consultants for the automotive industry
  • SAP Consulting for the Automotive Industry
  • IT staffing for the automotive industry

SAP Consulting Services for Chemical, Oil and Gas

Consumer expectations are changing for the chemical, oil, and gas industry. Increasingly, sustainability as well as affordability is now a priority. Combined with the need to compete with green energy sources, these factors make operating in these industries increasingly complex. JDC Group provides the resources and technology required to keep up with constant changes in demand, preference, and regulation.

As SAP consultants, we provide advice, support and expertise for the chemical, oil, and gas industries, including:

  • IT staffing and recruiting for chemical, oil, and gas 
  • SAP consulting services for chemical, oil, and gas
  • ERP implementation and migration planning for chemical plants

SAP Consulting Services for Consumer-Packaged Goods

Automation continues to be a growing part of the CPG industry. With JDC Group as your SAP partner, we can help speed time to market, control costs and streamline your organization through the full lifecycle from supply chain to production to delivery.

Areas of focus for our SAP consultants include:

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Safety and Compliance

SAP Consulting Services for Retail

Retail companies are balancing disruption and continuity. 2020 has accelerated the need for online retail, new shopping experiences, and sustainable business. Retail solutions from SAP can help you drive efficiency and deliver relevant, personalized customer experiences anywhere, anytime.

Our SAP consultants have specific expertise in retail, including:

  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • Consent-Based Marketing
  • SAP Transportation Management

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