JDC Group helps you unlock the full potential of your SAP investments and succeed in your cloud transformation journey


JDC Group’s BTP Development Services helps customers succeed in their cloud transformation journey by addressing innovation needs while keeping the S/4 HANA core clean.


Our BTP Development Consultants have extensive experience in delivering SAP solutions across a wide range of industries. Minimum credentials for JDC Group BTP consultants include:

  • Hands-on experience with one or more BTP extension technologies: Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP), Low-Code/No-Code platform, Workflow Management
  • Solid background in integration concepts and capabilities of BTP Integration Suite
  • Strong understanding of the BTP platform business values, technical architecture, and services
  • Experience with platform services such as Audit Log, HANA Cloud, Notifications, Cloud Foundry, CI/CD, SAP Business Application Studio, Transport Management, Connectivity
  • A minimum of 7+ years of relevant development experience
Download the JDC BTP Development Services Capabilities Overview


JDC Group’s BTP Development Services offerings are designed to provide flexibility and choice when it comes to migrating SAP solutions and applications to the cloud. Companies can determine based on need the services offering that best fits their current need to address their cloud transformation initiatives.

The BTP Development Services practice is built upon the following service components:

  • Upgrade readiness assessments and advisory
  • Cloud transformation and ideation workshops
  • Design and development of future-proof cloud solutions
  • Solution deployment and support

Upgrade Readiness Assessment & Advisory

  • In-depth review of current custom development solutions​
  • Business value analysis​
  • Solution mapping and evaluation​
  • Point of View on future roadmap ​
  • Retire – evaluate whether the code is necessary​
  • Revert to standard – maybe it now meets your needs​
  • Re-platform using cloud mindset and technology​
  • Re-think and Re-platform using cloud mindset and technology
  • PoV on Continuous improvement on existing projects/products & Maintenance of custom code

Cloud Transformation & Ideation Workshop

  • Engaging in new cloud-ready solution ideation​
  • Value-mapping to strategic outcomes​
  • Identification of potential roadblocks and areas of concern
  • Gain insight into current challenges​
  • Identify new opportunities for improvement, brainstorm new solutions or pathways​
  • Process Mapping per persona
  • Data Identification/visualization​
  • Gap analysis
  • Proposal and recommended strategies deliverable

Future-Proof Cloud Solutions Design & Development

  • Generate detailed backlog of customer requirements (scope), UX designs (vision), assumptions and restrictions. ​
  • Development and Quality assurance based on prioritized business outcomes.​
  • Capture customer requirements in a form of the cloud development backlog using agile methodology ​
  • When appropriate, generate user experience mock-ups to showcase the art of the possible ​
  • Development based on the unique client requirements following best SAP development practices
  • Produce robust quality assurance metrics and generate a test plan​
  • Outline go-live and continuous support blueprint and handover

Deployment & Support

  • Provide go-live support from conversion to deployment​
  • Provide ongoing support and change management of deployed solutions ​
  • Assist in deployment, training and adoption of software release cycles
  • Provide continuous support of strategic developments according to agreed SLAs

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