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JDC Group’s Next Big SAP Play (and Why It’s Important)

Today JDC Group is taking its next big leap forward in the growth of our company and the value we bring to clients. This morning, the company announces its new SAP Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services to help organizations plan, build and deploy migration and implementation projects to optimize their SAP investments. This announcement is a major step for JDC Group, as we build on the success of nearly two decades of work in helping organizations drive their SAP initiatives through innovative technology workforce solutions. As the leader of this new SAP Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services group, I’d like to share with you three drivers behind why the company has embarked on this journey to help companies drive optimization of the SAP platform.

The Why

JDC Group was founded in 2005, and over the last 16 years, the company has witnessed the evolution of SAP’s solutions stack and how companies are utilizing the platform to build world-class operations and drive financial performance. Because of our focus on delivering SAP technical resources to support major projects across a broad array of Fortune 500 clients, we’ve seen how IT and strategic technology transformation programs have evolved. Large, lengthy implementation programs have been sidelined, as directives from the Executive Suite stress the criticality of strategic, value-add projects focused on agility and optimization.

JDC Group saw an opportunity over the last few years to listen to our clients and the consultants we’ve worked with to bring a new level of solutions to help them achieve their goals in using SAP. We set out to build a group that would capitalize on the knowledge and experience we had in building SAP teams to support major projects that would deliver world-class expertise, but offer scalable, flexible engagement models with agile teams to help clients realize a rapid time to value.

Our SAP team provides a full range of services and solutions offerings that include:

  • Strategic Consulting (prime engagements)
  • Advisory Services (Architecture and Roadmaps)
  • On-Demand Staffing of experienced consultants


The Who

When the company decided to build this SAP team, we wanted to grow and scale the services and solutions we offered to address some of the most critical challenges for companies using SAP. Our focus was to be lean, but mighty. We desired to differentiate ourselves in the market by delivering SAP experts who have the industry and product knowledge, as well as the expertise of delivering solutions that are scalable and impactful.

Building on the success we had from an IT staffing and technology workforce perspective, we began to assemble our team of former SAP employees. These individuals have worked for SAP on major technology programs for an average of 25 years. With this level of experience, our team has a full understanding of the SAP solutions portfolio, as well as the experience in utilizing the technology across a myriad of vertical industries including Agriscience, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Automotive. The JDC Group SAP team is made up of some of the most credentialed SAP professionals working in the market today who can help our clients simplify the SAP story for your organization to build thriving technology and business optimization programs around the SAP platform!

The How

The JDC Group mantra is simple: We are a relationship-driven company and our goal is to build client and consultant loyalty! Our team is 100 percent committed to our customer’s success, and our focus throughout the relationship is to solve our client’s business and technology challenges and build world-class SAP programs. We aim to deliver value through every step of an implementation or engagement. Our engagement models and approach are wholly client-centric, and we follow SAP’s agile methodology to help drive consistent, proven success.

Connect with JDC Group

It’s an exciting time at JDC Group, and the launch of our new SAP Consulting Services and Strategic Advisory Group is the launchpad for many great things to come. We’re partnering with organizations of all sizes to help build robust, next-generation SAP programs that will give them the ability to thrive as SAP evolves. JDC Group’s team strives each day to be the collaborative, innovative business and technology partner of choice, regardless of size or industry. Our family of employees is a passionate, committed group of people who immerse themselves into our client’s ecosystem, going to great lengths to understand value drivers, culture, goals and objectives. I encourage you to get connected with JDC Group to learn more about our capabilities and expertise. Follow us on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn. If you have SAP projects that are forthcoming, please reach out to one of our SAP experts and we will be happy to set up time to learn more about your goals and objectives.